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What Patients Say

“It’s been a little over a year (Oct. 27, 2016) since I had my back surgery and I wanted to let you and Dr. Dickinson know that everything worked out PERFECTLY; I have not had any recurring sciatic pain or any type of pain in the back surgery area or my legs. I am very grateful for Dr. Dickinson’s expertise in providing me with a “minimally invasive” surgery that worked and kept on working over a year, and I trust it will continue. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Stenosis surgery was a breeze.  In by 8 a.m., out of the hospital by 11 a.m., home by noon! Very minimal post-op discomfort.  Back to work in 3 days.  Dr. Randall’s experience and bedside manner are top notch! He’s the MAN!”

“Thank you, Dr. Dickinson, for everything you did to help me through a stressful and physically uncomfortable time.  I appreciate all your skill, hard work and patience with my questions and nerves.”

“I came to know, trust and revere Dr. Dickinson as one of the best – if not THE best – spine surgeon in the Bay Area. I did a lot of research, explored all the alternatives, sought the advice of other doctors and decided to put my faith in Dr. Dickinson. I’m so glad I did.

“THANK YOU Dr. Dickinson!  You have helped me start a new phase of a healthier life post my surgery and I cannot thank you enough!”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mimran for several years. He is a thorough, gentle, kind, and very knowledgeable neurosurgeon, with an excellent bedside manner. Although I live in San Francisco, I recently went to the Danville office. Very nice office with friendly and professional staff. The medical building has a private lot with ample parking. Well worth my extra time on the road to see such a great doctor. If you need any type of spinal surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Ronnie Mimran.”

Dr. Mimran is a brilliant man! He explained everything in human terms without being condescending. He gave the pros and cons and fit me into his very busy schedule at my convenience. Before and during surgery he was friendly, professional and efficient. The hospital he suggested (Eden Medical) had great nurses and staff. If I should ever need neurosurgery again, he is the only one I’d consider.”

“I was suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back for almost 2 years. The daily pain was excruciating. I was afraid to have back surgery because I had heard so many horror stories of discs being fused together and the surgery being unsuccessful. I met with Dr. Mimran and he put all of my fears to rest. The surgery was fast and I could tell the difference as soon as I woke up. I have been pain-free for over 2 years and I’m loving it!”

“I suffered from chronic neck discomfort, as well as tingling and burning sensations down my right arm into my thumb and forefinger.  My first appointment with Dr. Dickinson was encouraging. He’s a happy man who enjoys the respect of his staff and is a pleasure to be around. He performed some strength tests on my hands and arms. After trying several non-invasive therapies (including physical therapy, Pilates, massage, and epidural injections), he recommended a two-level posterior cervical foraminotomy. It has been three weeks since my neck surgery and the chronic pain in my arm is gone! If you are shopping for a spine surgeon, look no further.  You found your man.”

“I spoke with a few local doctors in the area about my neck and nobody had a positive solution for me.  I have suffered for a year with a collapsed disc and bone-on-bone in my neck.  I met Dr. Mimran on May 1st, he looked at my MRI & X-ray, and assured me it would be a 45-minute operation. My operation was scheduled for May 22nd. I arrived at the hospital at 7AM and was home by 4PM. Dr. Mimran is by far the best neck doctor a man could ever recommend. He is classy, concerned, and very professional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in pain.”