BrightMatter™ – the Most Advanced Technology in Spine Surgery

Spine surgeons have long depended on the surgical microscope to magnify the surgical field and view critical structures of the spine, vertebrae and neck when performing minimally invasive surgeries. Significant progress has been made, allowing surgeons to make smaller and smaller incisions to remove a herniated disc or the lamina bone, or to surgically treat other degenerative spine conditions.

However efficiencies and ergonomics of microscopic visualization have not kept pace with advancements in minimally invasive surgery. The field of view provided by the surgical microscope is rather small and requires the surgeon to continually refocus. He is forced to perform the operation in positions that can cause fatigue, pain and physical wear and tear over time. And his operating team often cannot see what he sees.

The BrightMatter system was specifically designed for microscopic visualization necessary for minimally invasive procedures. BrightMatter’s visualization technology – a robotic arm with a hands-free optical system — gives the surgeon a much wider field of view. Optimized optics provides dramatic detail of spinal structures and displays the entire surgical view in crisp focus. Images are projected onto a large screen, making them visible to the entire operating team, which facilitates greater collaboration, and saves crucial time during surgery.

In addition, the surgeon can rely on a camera mounted on a robotic arm to automatically follow his instruments. He spends less time manipulating cumbersome optics and can work in a comfortable upright position while actively communicating with his staff to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. With improved visualization the surgeon can operate more efficiently and the patient recovers in half the time, barring any complications.

The BrightMatter system will be used to surgically treat the following spinal conditions:

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