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November 2017

Patient success stories

Zoie and Her Master Reunite for Daily Walks After Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

Since 1974, Peter K, 79, has been enjoying life in the Gold Country of Sonora, CA, especially since he is surrounded by his loving wife of 56 years, his two daughters, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren who all live in the vicinity. After 40 years as a successful real estate broker, Peter has shifted his role from breadwinner to the family’s pro bono personal assistant. > Read more.

Back Surgery Gets School Principal Back in the Swim

Kara Holthe loved her work as a principal and eagerly looked forward to a retreat with her fellow school administrators during the fall of 2013. Unfortunately, with pain radiating down her back and left leg, she could hardly sit still for the two-day get away. > Read more.

October 2017

A GPS Finds Its Way to the Spine

Today the most ubiquitous consumer technologies are making their way to the operating room to treat conditions of the spine. One important example of this technology is image guided surgery – also referred to as surgical navigation. Read more >

September 2017

BrightMatter: pushing the boundaries of neuroscience and bringing new hope to patients

At Pacific Brain & Spine, we pride ourselves in using the most innovative neurosurgical technologies to make sure we achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. Read more>






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