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About BrightMatter

state-of-the-art technology may allow surgeons access to brain tumors once considered inoperable due to risk of complicationBrightMatter is an innovative group of products that allow neurosurgeons to plan, view and perform less invasive procedures for patients with brain and spine conditions. In particular, this state-of-the-art technology may allow surgeons access to brain tumors once considered inoperable due to risk of complication.

BrightMatter uses an advanced MRI brain-imaging system called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which gives surgeons a 3-D, color-coded map in unprecedented detail of critical structures that are not visible to the naked eye. These structures control critical body functions, such as language, motor control and vision. This highly detailed map of the brain’s white matter tracts allows surgeons to better analyze and plan the safest route to a brain tumor or legion, while avoiding these critical areas during surgery.

BrightMatter technology allows the surgeon to not only see white matter pathways in little to no time, but also includes software that ensures the scans are correctly done while the patient is still in the MRI scanner. By the time a patient walks from radiology to their surgeon’s office, the surgeon has an entire roadmap of their brain ready for review without needing the dedicated time of a neuro-radiologist to manually create a plan. This information gives the surgeon instant visibility into every possible pathway to determine if surgery is needed and he can begin to plan right then and there, whereas before this decision might take days.

Inside the OR, surgeons are aided by BrightMatter’s fully automatic digital microscope mounted to a robotic arm, showing brain anatomy in unprecedented views. BrightMatter’s ergonomic design allows surgeons to operate in more comfortable positions while seeing details not previously available. In addition, the entire OR team can see what’s going on during a procedure.

To find out if more information about the BrightMatter system for the treatment of brain and spine conditions please call our office at 925-884-2360 and ask to speak with one of our clinic coordinators. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about this exciting new, minimally invasive procedure, or any other treatment options that we offer at Pacific Brain & Spine.