Removing a deep-seated tumor located within or near white matter tracts of the brain can compromise a patient’s motor functions, speech, vision or memory. In many cases surgeons choose not to operate and instead refer the patient for radiosurgery or laser ablation to shrink or remove the tumor.

By using the BrightMatter system Dr. Dickinson can now create a 3D model that represents these neural tracts, using BrightMatter’s Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) system. This allows him to plan the safest route to reach the tumor during surgery, without damaging vital motor functions.

Dr. Dickinson utilizes BrightMatter’s automatic digital microscope mounted on a robotic arm that show intricate details of the patient’s brain, while keeping the entire surgical view in crisp focus.

Through BrightMatter, Dr. Dickinson is able to perform the least invasive surgical tumor resection. The patient spends the minimal amount of time in the hospital, and can expect to return home a few days after surgery.