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New surgical technology makes it possible for Pacific Brain & Spine neurosurgeons to remove deep seated brain tumors, previously considered inoperable. Read today’s news release…


BrightMatter is bringing new hope to patients with previously inoperable brain tumors. Neurosurgeons can now safely navigate the delicate neural pathways of the patient’s brain to reach and remove deep seated brain tumors.

Read 2 articles written by Glen Jett MSN, Administrative Director of Eden Medical Center’s Neuroscience Center, which ran in the Castro Valley Forum and San Leandro Times.


Tune into KNBR this Sunday, 9/17 at 10am when Dr. Dickinson discusses concussions and treatment protocol with Patrick Conner and Marty Lurie prior to the Giants game.


Latest minimally invasive procedure gives renewed hope to patients with previously inoperable brain tumors.  See latest videos on advanced technology used to help surgeons safely navigate the patient’s brain and remove a deep-seated tumor…


Synaptive, Connections Come to Life

Dr. Zachery Litvack, Synaptive and BrainPath Technologies:

Dr. Keith Black, Cedars-Sinai and The Synaptive Device

Dr. Dickinson discusses the BrightMatter system on KPIX

Fox News, Henry Ford Patient Story

A Patient’s Perspective, Brain Tumor Surgery with BrightMatter at Henry Ford

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